LODI K-Pop Dance Cover Audition Season 3 will be held in March.


LODI K-Pop Dance Cover Audition Season 2 was finished, and Booming TV is satisfied with this event.

The CEO of Booming TV, Mr. Park, will make the commercials with the winners and Booming Junior Idols, and the influencers, that will be selected by LODI Global, will collaborate with Booming TV partners as the advertising models. Those influencers will lead LODI K-Pop Dance Cover Audition Season 3. Mr. Park and Gregory had the meeting at Sejong University on January 12th, 2021.

Mr. Park will announce these plans through Korean medias soon.

Of course, those influencers will become the brand ambassadors of LODI and Booming TV.

Nowadays, Roup and Rustanto, the members of LODI Global, are contacting with influencers and will prepare for sending Booming TV K-Pop trainees to Korea after finishing Corona pandemic. Booming TV will train Bungsu, the first winner of LODI K-Pop Dance Cover Audition Season 2, and make some events with her if she will reach the K-Pop train goals.

We are appreciating all participants and winners for their passion.

One more, Ashley Onuigbo, the enthusiastic participant in the U.S.A., will receive star goods soon. Gregory will send them this week. He couldn't send them until the last week because he has had 14 days self quarantine.

LODI members and partners wish all K-Poppers are well and happy.