[Gregory’s Work and People] Partners are the most important thing in your business.

September 1st , 2019

Partners are the most important thing in your business.

[Gregory’s Work and People]

What is the most important thing in your business? ‘Partners’ is my answer if somebody asks me about it.
The international school will be open in 2020, so I am discussing about the project with my some partners now. One partner will provide with the building and the land for the school. She is very famous in the early child education in Jeollabuk-do. My good friend who is the congressional aide introduced her to me. It is the solution for establishing the international school that I have thought for several years.
Istina and Jaiel are the cosmetics brands which sell in the duty free shop in Seoul. Actually, there are over 2,000 beauty product brands in Korea, so it is very difficult to launch those brands in duty free shops. I have two good partners in two duty free shops. They accepted them at their duty free shops. Of course, sales volumes are different. However, launching is also difficult. I couldn’t launch them without the partners’ support.
Blockchain project is some dangerous for the general public, but my partner is managing the risk well and provide me with various opportunities. He launched the blockchain in Indonesia on July, and some Indonesians are in full activities. My partner and I are looking forward to the good result for Indonesian partners’ effort.
You know I can expand my business due to my partners.
Partners are the most important thing in my business. Please check up your partners. What kind of business partners do you have?