[Gregory’s Work and People] Chuseok gives me the opportunity to build the business plan.

September 15th , 2019

Chuseok gives me the opportunity to build the business plan.

[Gregory’s Work and People]

September 12th, 2019 is the first day of Chuseok holidays. Most people go to their hometown for celebrating Chuseok holidays. I also go to my parents’ home.

Chuseok is similar to Thanksgiving day of the western countries. Koreans shares joys with the harvest and thank their ancestors for the harvest during Chuseok holidays.

We had 4 days holidays for Chuseok this year. Many people have driven for over 5 hours, and spent their time with their families. But some people made their new business plan, and conceived a new business. I think Chuseok is the best period for planning any new business.

I stayed at my parents’ home for 3days, and I had a lot of works to catch up on. I had to write some essays every day, but I missed some last week.

I received a letter from Youngstown State University to allow YSU language center in Korea. It was a very good news. A member of TAFISA wanted to open an international school with me in Korea. I am looking forward to a meeting with Mr. Ho of ASG. After meeting with him, I will confirm establishing an international school in Jeollabuk-do.
The cosmetics plant will be open in 2020. My partners decided to run our cosmetics plant. I made the business plan for this project. Next week, we will have a meeting for our cosmetics project.

Two cosmetics brands will make agreements for marketing with me next week. Of course, one of my Chinese friends will introduce some Chinese small business people to buy duty free products in HDC Shilla I Park Duty Free Shop. I can promote my products to be selling in a duty free shop with Chinese small business people.
National holidays have helped me to rebuild my businesses.