[Gregory’s Work and People] Cool down your brain

August 3rd, 2019

Cool down your brain

[Gregory’s Work and People]

It is too hot to work nowadays in Korea, but most business people cannot have vacation and duty-offs. Korean business people had some difficulties currently because of Japanese attack in trade fields.
Japanese politicians have pursued the militaristic nation since they were defeated in the Second World War as reading the countenance of the United States of America. Japanese politicians are worrying China, Korea and the United States of America because they don’t want to admit their history and the biological recessive genes. They took their letters from China via Korea, and they stole a lot of cultural assets from China and Korea. Japanese acted up the United States of America, but they surrendered unconditionally to the United States of America. Japanese politicians have had defeatism for over hundreds years, so they acted like a clown in the world.
By the way, a lot of Korean business people had a lot of stress because of Japanese politicians’ bad behavior. We, Koreans, can understand their defeatism, but we must work harder than previous seasons. These circumstances caused us to have more stresses. I suggested that you would cool down your brains for the future. You can find more opportunities if you have enough rest.
How can we cool down the brain?
Reading books is good, and travelling is also good, but I recommend you volunteer services. I believe that most human-beings feel so happy when they look at other people’s smile. Volunteer services are best way for cooling down the brain. What do you think about attending on the volunteer service for the victims of Japanese military sexual slaveries?

[ Projects ]

1.     International School

-        I am discussing about launching the international school in Korea with ASG and a local government.
-        An advertising agency wants to join this project, and the company will recruit students who want to enter this international school.
-        On July 31st, I will meet a partner for the place which the international school will be established.

2.     Blockchain

-        CAC founders are preparing for the promotion video in English

3.     Duty Free Shop Project

-        Istina, Jaiel will be promoted at the Pyeongtaek Port from August, 2019.