[Gregory’s Work and People] International Business starts from the friendship

July 20th, 2019

International Business starts from the friendship

[Gregory’s Work and People]

After visiting in Indonesia two weeks ago, some Indonesian partners contact with me and my Korean partner. They are preparing for many events for Carypto marketing in Indonesia like making Carypto T-shirts, etc. However, I am worrying about this partnership because we have the relationship as the working colleagues. I have some partners in the world, but they are my great friends now. It is very important for the future. You can have many business partners with easy, but you cannot have a fantastic friends.
A month ago, my lovely friend retired from her position. I am missing her, and I am thinking her several times per a week. Her bright smile, her calm voice, her beautiful white hair, I remember her face and her voice. Sometimes, I complaint her about her requests for our students, but she always explained why I should prepare for her requests again and again. 10 years passed. She and I are very good friends. She left from her position and her job, but I believe we will be soul mates permanently.
My projects are in the education field, the blockchain field and the distribution field and the duty free business field. I am contacting with Korean local government for establishing international high school, and a member of TAFISA are waiting for the next step with me. It will support some students who live in the developing countries after we make the international school in Korea with Korean local government. I am arranging development with YSU. I prepared for OBD system plans for Carypto project. The development period will be reduced and we will save the budget. Istina Cosmetics were  launched in HDC Shilla Duty Free Shop and Jaiel will be shown at the same duty free shop in August. Naturalize which is the international health brand will be sold in HDC from next week. You can find Korean health brand ‘Rootem’ products in HDC soon. From August, two cosmetic brands will be sold in Pyeongtaek Port Duty Free Shop called ‘Fortune Duty Free Shop’ soon.
One of my friend is handling Panama projects nowadays, but the partner of Panama, a nephew of the present president, is doubting my partner. I don’t know the reason, but I can suppose. I told my American partner that he would persuade the Panama partner to continue with my Korean partner because I know old one is better than new one. Panama projects will go on with my partners even though the speed is slow.

Please contact me if you want to work with Korean government officials especially prosecutors and judicial officials. All Korean public service workers are not service people, so you must know how you can work with them. You can have support from me if you have a partnership with me. Don’t forget to remember that Korean public service workers and government officials are not service people.

I will let you know about my business and Korea.