[Gregory’s Work and People] Find the right person for the success

July 27th, 2019

Find the right person for the success

[Gregory’s Work and People]

Many business people launch their businesses with a lot of partners in the world, but they have some experiences to be disappointed with partners’ betrayals.
According to my experiences, it is very difficult to find right partners. 10 years ago, very rich Chinese businessman was my big customer. He has had Huamao Foreign Language School and resorts by his foundation, and I heard that he had renovated his firms and businesses. At that time, I suggested that he would adopt my business proposal, and he allowed me to provide with online ESL classes to Huamao Foreign Language High School. It was fantastic. However, failed I in my collaboration business with Chairman Xu because of the technical matters. I think the business had been succeeded in the present techniques.
There are many partners for me nowadays. I want to tell you that the right partner is not the good person. Good people make good works for the human-being, but good people are not good partners. We, business people, need the good partners, so must find the right people. An old proverb says “We can get the world if we have an only one best friend”, but I don’t agree with the proverb. It is better that you have a lot of right partners.
How can you find the right partners? First, you must wait until the partner shows his or her mind in front of you. Second, give the partner good opportunities first, and check up the partner’s reward. Third, show your philosophy and look at his or her face and attitude. Nobody can hide his or her mind and the view of value through the person’s eyes.
For three years, I met wrong partners. Of course, some partners devoted for me, but some partners exploited my human network. After my good and bad experiences, I have the right partners. It is my luck. I believe that I can make the good business opportunity with the right partners.
[ Projects ]

1.     International School

-        I am discussing about launching the international school in Korea with ASG and a local government.
-        An advertising agency wants to join this project, and the company will recruit students who want to enter this international school.
-        On July 31st, I will meet a partner for the place which the international school will be established.

2.     Blockchain

-        CAC has been promoted in Indonesia. Indonesian website is being developed by Korean technical team members.
-        They made some promotion teams in Indonesia.

3.     Duty Free Shop Project

-        The volume of Istina Cosmetics reached at eight times compared to last month.
-        Istina,Jaiel and Naturalize brands will be moved to the 6th floor next month. The 6th floor of this duty free shop shows the better sales volume against the 7th floor.

4.     Smart Farm

-        One conglomerate will join to this project, and it will have MOU ceremony with the local government next month.

5.     Trading

-        Someone offered me to communicate with European partners instead of my Korean partner. He will have the first deal with an European company, and he wants me to check up shipping process and the whole documents.
-        An Indonesian partner came to Korea for trading Korean products, and he will meet me next week for importing some Korean cosmetic brands. I will recommend Istina, Jaiel and so forth.