[Gregory’s Work and People] Korean Products and Korean Relationship

May 30th, 2019

Korean Products and Korean Relationship

[Gregory’s Work and People]

Many partners are helping me nowadays. I am appreciating for their support. I have some projects with them and some projects goes well. You can see my projects’ details in this letter.
Youngstown State University is my education business partner, and I am discussing about the language center of YSU in Korea with one county. The county is small and it has very small populations, so they focuses on agriculture industry and farming. Some officers want to develop this county, so I suggested them to make the education hub to have the collaboration with U.S. schools. My partners and I are making partnership with university exam consultant group and YSU. I will expand this project with Korean counties and Chinese partners.
Duty Free Business is my main business field in Korea. Many people know my backgrounds well which I worked for Korea Tourism Organization and have worked continuously. One of my client will sell his cosmetics in HDC Shilla I Park Duty Free Shop in Yongsan, Seoul from the first of June, 2019. The cosmetics are not popular, so many merchandisers turned their faces away, but I am focusing their attitudes because they will lead the good products to the top brand. These cosmetics have E.G.F.(endothelial growth factor), so they have the good effectiveness. Next month, new health foods company will start to sell the products in HDC from next month. I will find good Korean products and launch them in some duty free shops and foreign markets.
My friend introduced me Panamanian construction project last year. One man made some troubles. He signed on the MOU and promised to revisit Panama in a few months to my Panamanian partner and U.S. partners, but he postponed the revisit schedule. I couldn’t tell this situation to Panamanian partners because of Koreans’ reputation. It was my mistake. I had to tell the truth. Of course, Panamanian partners misunderstood that I lied. I didn’t tell the truth. One of my Korean partner is working with Panamanian partners. I believe that I will have an opportunity to tell the truth someday. Some Koreans behave like this, but most of Koreans are good and kind. I learned many things everyday through these experiences.
I want to have a chance to support foreigners to know Korean business environment and government policies. Of course, Koreans who want to go into the foreign countries including the American continent.

Next month, I will make the new challenge in the world and Korea for having good relationship with my partners and friends.