Changing Management Trip Schedule in the USA

Happy New Year!

2013 started already!!!

KOTINS & OKUNIV staffs were traveled in January and August for several years, but these trip schedules will be changed to February and September.  It is focusing on the management.

Until 2012, was each business trip focused on supporting freshmen, so current students would had difficulties because of their absence when our staffs had visited to each campus. Many students would returned to Korea during their vacation holidays, so they usually should contact with us by phone and email. Moreover, some students change their contact information after returning to the campus. In this case, our staff couldn't contact with them.

Our staffs will visit to the campuses on February and September, and we will check up their status including freshmen. These seasons are school days, so all students stay at the campus, and all advisers and counselors are at their positions. It means; we can arrange the meeting between students and advisers, and check students' study status.  Of course, we can check students' presence ratio.

We are sure that this change will help our students more than previous.

Our partners,

Please prepare for the meeting with advisers for our students and us whenever our staffs visit to your campus. We will let you know our visiting schedule prior to one month.

We are always appreciating our partners' support.

Thank you very much.
We are looking forward to the successful change.

Gregory Seman Son