One of Seoul universiies will make the sister relationship with the partners of KOTINS INC.

The famous university in Seoul will make the partnership with some partner colleges and cuniversities of KOTINS INC. on March.

The university will send their specific education program students to American partners through KOTINS INC.  KOTINS INC. will arrange students' education and lives, and manage them after entering those colleges.

The partners of KOTINS INC. will visit to Korea in March, 2012, and make MOU when they visit.  KOTINS INC. is discussing about this project and the president of KOTINS INC. will visit to the United State of America from March 4th.

It will make the new paradigm for Korean students who want to enter colleges.  KOTINS INC. will support students and partners continuously.

Now, KOTINS INC. is preparing for the new partnership between American colleges and the public specific university in Korea.  The university will open in 2015, and Gregory Seman Son will join to the commitee of foundation fot the specific university.

KOTINS INC. will support all partners and sales branches for the good relationship between Korean partners and American partners including Korean students who are studying in America.

Please contact with me if American colleges wnat to make the great support from KOTINS INC.

Thank you.

Gregory Seman Son
The president of KOTINS INC. and OKUNIV INC.