Seven students enter LCCC this fall.

Seven students will enter Lorain County Community College through OKUNIV admission guarantee program by KOTINS INC. this fall semester. They have very various back grounds.

LCCC regards KOTINS INC. is the best agent in Korea. Especially, KOTINS has a strong sister relationship with LCCC. KOTINS already sent some Korean students to LCCC, and they are studying very hard and showing their potentials there.

The director of LCCC usually is proud of our students. They are very good and gentle. Of course, they have some difficulties at LCCC when they start their study first. However, KOTINS INC. guides them continuously. Many parents keep in touch with Gregory Seman Son who is the president of KOTINS INC. They are satisfied with Gregory's support.

KOTINS INC. will do her best in order that students accomplish their goals.