Mini Seminar Day

OKUNIV program is being promoted by Mobicom International Inc. nowadays. The company will be responsible for the marketing and the promotion.

Today is October 7th, 2010. We will have a mini seminar to promote our OKUNIV program. Of course, you can find what OKUNIV program is in this blog.

Our students ,who want to study in American colleges, will enter the colleges in the USA on January, 2011. Our program guarantees the admission of the American colleges for our students and supports their tranferring to the good universities in America. Actually, our consultants are managing students' credits and registration, etc.

From now, we will do our best to recruit many applicants for January, 2011.

Please pray for our success.

Thank you.

Gregory Seman Son
The founder and the president of OKUNIV & KOTINS INC.